Friday, June 02, 2006

Southwest 35: (Google Sonnet 19: Wisdom)

Can Wisdom Exist Outside Human Consciousness?
"the most extraordinary piece of wit and wisdom
that America has yet contributed."

The vacuous wisdom of the Brat Boy
embodies so much primordial wisdom,
charming kids with the wisdom of wordsmithery,
purveyors of the slightly stale conventional wisdom.
The collective saloon-bar wisdom,
stumbling around for dubious wisdom,
a word of wisdom from a dog who's maybe lived too long,
can't decide whether this is wisdom or resignation.

Google in its mysterious wisdom
discovered, invented or got enlightened
     through divine wisdom,
in his magnificently malevolent bastard wisdom,
her near-infinite wit and wisdom
and digesting the wisdom of great desingers
were wont to show their weather wisdom.

~Dig Chase 2006

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