Tuesday, July 11, 2006

hard lust and wet wine 1: grapez nouveau

Tonight, my brother called my blog boring. That’s the rub with a poetry blog. And the challenge of course. Poetry bores the bejesus out of 99.94% of the US population. And this blog has been nothing but poetry. But for a colorized photo or two.

Now, I suppose to some poetry is a matter for the future or the past. Either we’ve forgotten the values of poetry or we’re waiting for the rest of the population to catch up. But lately, I’ve become a present time fundamentalist. I feel poetry should work here and now for as many as possible.

Furthermore, I’ve neglected the log behind the blog. But tonight I intend to put a stop to that. Even if I risk boring you with just the whys behind the poems. For good purpose of course. Maybe by exploring things, I’ll wake myself up.

But I can tell you (my rare reader) what I’m not going to do. I’m not going to take sides in poetry wars. I’m not going to argue politics. And most importantly I’m not going to question beliefs. I’m just going to talk to myself about the life of poetry. And hope I can stop boring you, and in the long run, myself.

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