Tuesday, July 11, 2006

hard lust and wet wine 2: grapez reserva

My latest poetry project has been The Dreaming Cantos. Based on my reading of Don Miguel Ruiz, the form is simple. Three stanzas. Three lines per stanza. Three feet per line. Short and sweet.

Ruiz’s thesis is short and sweet. We begin our present form of life in innocence. Pure energy. But the world soon domesticates us into its own hellish dream. Unadulterated drama. Only through breaking that domestication can we arrive at wisdom. Rebirth. Which is innocence leavened with experience.

Bookstores file it under new age or self-help. Which gives us the freedom to laugh it off as just another hippie sensitive piece of fluff. But in truth it’s a metaphysics for the 21st century. Written in a language we can understand. Jesus and his disciples had their time; Buddha his. We’re in ours.

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