Friday, September 08, 2006

Pearls Before Mary Worth

I came across one of the strangest video presentations today, a creepy (literally and figuratively) re-enactment of a bizarre cartoon strip. But first some background.

There’s just a few comics I like to read on a daily basis: Pearls Before Swine, Doonesbury, and Boondocks. But somehow through the serendipity of online search and decipher, I came across a blog called The Comics Curmudgeon, a critical review of some bizarre comics, many of which are those old-fashioned serial kind like Dick Tracy and Mary Worth.

Today the Curmudgeon provided a link to the aforementioned video re-enactment. Of the comic Mary Worth. Each scene is presented like a comic screen, with the actors frozen in time and dialogue bubbling invisibly from their mouths. It gave me vertigo in many directions. But I think it’s fantastic satire. And a sociological analysis of the flattening of life as we know it.

Oh and it's a postmodern poetry reading to boot. Kind of.

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