Monday, December 04, 2006

WIAO P-17; ITD-5, Love Sayeth The Walrus

But returning to the dunes, that morning I rose with the thought of love in my mind. I was parsing out its meaning and trying to understand its source. It’s easy to say that love is all there is, but is it true? And if so, why?

I believe the tune goes something like this. Everything is energy and all energy is connected. The sense of separateness is just a concept created for our survival. Love is simply the recognition of that connectivity. It’s energy seeing past the concept of separateness into that reality of interconnection.

And as such, love is not an intellectual exercise, for the mind created the concept of separateness to begin with. That act of energy recognizing itself everywhere transcends the mind and resides in its essence. The mind, for lack of understanding, calls that the heart.

But that is a metaphor, a sign of the mind. In fact, it is the essence of energy, the stuff of the universe. And love is its consciousness, its vision, of itself. Everywhere.

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