Tuesday, December 05, 2006

WIAO P-18; ITD-6, Love Equals EM2

Of course that’s the mind talking. It doesn’t really know love from Adam.

Knowledge lives in the world of concepts. Love lives in that place the mind calls heart.

The heart is just another name for something the mind hasn’t got a clue. Like God, or love.

You don’t think love. You feel it.

Moving you. Moving me.

The other day I heard someone define emotion as energy in motion. I feel that’s right.

Maybe love is energy in motion with other energy. E motion squared.

That’s what I’m thinking today. That’s what I was feeling the other day in the dunes.

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Anonymous said...

greetings g:

i groked your blog and thought i would ask if i could add it to the list of blogs i peruse for THE COUNTDOWN, an internet radio show for MiPoRadio... do you have the ability to digitally record your poems? let me know!