Friday, December 22, 2006

WIAO P-23; ITD-11, Think Coinkydink

Oh, I forgot the dunes. So where was I? The hawk flew by. And then I walked up and down the dunes some more. If you’ve ever walked a curve of dunes, then you know you never know just where you’re going. There’s no such thing as a straight line. One moment you see the skeleton of a seal and the next, a snake is insinuating something or other.

Or you see a rock-communication spelling out the word of love. Not that that’s some mystical experience or anything. Some teenager enamored with the concept walks into the dunes in June and spells out a word with nearby stones and leaves it there for weather and the moon to see.

Wake up! That’s exactly the way a miracle occurs. There’s no such thing as supernatural or extraterrestrial involvement in the world you know materially and logically as now. There’s only this little thing we call coincidence.

Stop believing in belief! Your little patch of the world is smaller than you think. And thinking that you know the answer begs the question what’s the total volume of the world you really know. Have you visited a black hole lately? Then talk to me when you have.

Meanwhile let me posit this. There’s enough evidence to indicate something unknown comes. Be a little humble before the breadth and width and depth of the universe. Really, we haven’t got a clue. Except these instances of coincidence.

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