Tuesday, January 23, 2007

A Time for Poetics 4: The Red and The Yellow

So what exactly did I mean anyways? Well, I’m into Pueblo pottery these days. Beverly bought me a beautiful pot made by a San Ildefenso artist, and I purchased one made by a Hopi artist. The San Ildefenso is a small redware pot with a cream-colored, slip-painted, Avanyu motif wrapped around its upper surface.

The Hopi pot is a larger yellow vase painted with a Sikyatki migration pattern. If each pot were a poem, the San Ildefonso is a free verse open form, and the Hopi is a tight metrical design. Each is worthy in its own way. And each is unafraid and unapologetic for its standing. As well they should be. Each tells its own story, has its own rhyme, its own reason, a season.

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Nic Sebastian said...

I want that red pot! Gorgeous.