Sunday, January 06, 2008

Ouspensky on Gurdjieff's 'Self-Remembering'
-Tolle's 'The Power of Now' Ninety Years in the Past

I realized that moments of self-remembering do occur in life, although rarely. Only the deliberate production of these moments created the sensation of novelty.

Actually I had been familiar with them from early childhood. They came either in new and unexpected surroundings, in a new place, among new people while traveling, for instance, when suddenly one looks about one and says: How strange! I and in this place;

or in very emotional moments, in moments of danger, in moments when it is necessary to keep one's head, when one hears one's own voice and sees and observes oneself from the outside.

I saw quite clearly that my first recollections of life, in my own case very early ones, were moments of self-remembering. This last realization revealed much else to me.

That is, I saw that I really only remember those moments of the past in which I remembered myself. Of the others I know only that they took place. I am not able wholly to revive them, to experience them again.

But the moments when I had remembered myself were alive and were in no way different from the present.

from Ouspenky's 'In Search of the Miraculous'


Anonymous said...

you are right to see a connection between Tolle's presence and Gurdjieff's self-remembering. . .Tolle's a partial teaching . . . Gurdieff's only slightly indicated in the written record. . .

Anonymous said...

In ordinary way of life one can not witness the moments of self remembering.Sometimes in grave dangerous situation our consciousness falls back to its origin,or in sudden emotional outbursts,these magical moments use to flash.In order to produce such moment delibrately one need to know pathway to reach the real has to accumalate tremendous energy to awake self.once self is awaken,then whole paradigm of one's being shifts to the self.then driver is self,and driven is being.I dont know whether it might be yet to be decoded,but as far as i read, pathway in its intricacies is still absent in gurdjieff's is definitly awaiting a fusion of asian understanding of "Tantra" and Gurdjieff's scientific approches.I saw some traces in "In search of miraculous" that,where ouspensky beautifully described "g"'s understanding of "Octave Theory",which is originally excerpted from "Shwetashwatroroupnishad" of hindu tradition.It means Gurdjieff himself tried to defuse his understanding with other disciplines.Otherwise "self-remembring" is still beyond the human hopes of a single breakthrough-
Aroon Sharma

Anonymous said...

Diffusion of Gurdjieff's scientific understanding and asian "tantra's" understanding can lead present humanity to higher dimensions of consciousness at mass level.breakthrough lies right here i suppose.....