Thursday, February 21, 2008

U01:19 - Meaning of Life-5 Dreaming
a tale told by Gurdjieff full of misconception signifying sleep

Because of this detour onto its separate and false way of thought, the Human Being dwells in its world of knowledge, its virtual reality, living in a dream of its own creation.

When the wise man points at the moon, the idiot looks at the finger. In that regard, Gurdjieff called everyone, including himself, an idiot. And that metaphorical finger, pointing from the world of knowledge, is Samsara, illusion, vanity, the dream. Gurdjieff called it sleep. The Big Sleep. It is duality, a world of concept and opinion. It is the fruit we ate in Eden, the world we entered when we left behind that paradise.

It's false and filled with lies but we believe it with all our heart. To such an overwhelming extent, our faith really rests in it. So much so, that we completely lose sight of the true reality, that energy of consciousness, that actual God without a face, without a story, without a name. Our one true self.

And even when we begin to question that nightmare of knowledge, when we begin to realize that it is indeed a virtual reality; we really don't. We may entertain that question. We might look at it as an interesting thought. We could even begin to believe in it as an idea. But that's the rub!

It's still only an idea. It's still part of the dream of knowledge. It's a dream within the dream. Our faith is still wrapped up in that false world. We may now believe that it's all a dream, a virtual reality, illusion, vanity all. But belief is part of knowledge and knowledge is that virtual reality. Insidious curl of wave!

And that curl of wave can go on for quite a long time. The endless surf. Even until the death of the dream, the end of our knowledge, our mortal death. That biggest sleep of all. Unless, of course, we will awaken.

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