Wednesday, February 20, 2008

U01:18 - Meaning of Life-4 Detour
of the Kabbalah, this, Daat, and the other thing

4. DETOUR (Knowledge)
Thought results in a separate virtual reality of knowledge, a world of duality created from the process of thought, and the Human Being's evolution of consciousness is detoured by and into that false reality of knowledge, wrongly believing it to be the true reality.

This is the curl of the wave, where the rising consciousness will lose itself within itself. In the Kabbalah, knowledge is the point of the abyss, Daat, completely off the charts, aligned above the inner line of consciousness, but not a part of it, not really part of the Tree of Life. It is a world unto itself.

It is a world that arises from thought, a process of analysis and differentiation, and therefore one of duality. Let me quote myself on the subject:
This personal computer is a perfect
metaphor for that, now come to think
about it. Everything within its world
becomes a binary determination.

Mind is that as well. Except its speed
exceeds ten thousand Buddhas times a Mega
Hertz that’s measured in a God knows what.
In other words, it’s really wicked fast.

But still, despite the engine underneath
the hood, the neighborhood is black and white.
There’s not a thought that’s not a mathematical
equation from a string of ones and zeroes.
It's all enough for mere survival, of course, and we can accord it beauty, and we can build a world of knowledge around it, but it's not the unitary essence of things. And so it goes that our world of knowledge is not the essence of things either. All those buildings. All our relationships and business. All our laws. Every judgment and belief. Even our religions! The finger that points to the moon is not the moon.

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