Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Unbelievable 01:17 - Seeing Francis of Assisi
an apparition on the sands of Hampton Beach

Seeing Francis of Assisi

Today, on Hampton Beach, I saw
a man like Francis of Assisi,
dressed in gray work clothes, and standing
in the February winds
stone still, while feeding birds. Three pigeons
sat within the cradle of
his arms and seagulls flocked around
him on the beach sand like a gown
of living snow. The wind was blowing
off the ocean—if it wasn’t
for his long hair waving with it,

I’d have sworn he was a statue
dedicated to that love
of nature for which Francis was
so famous. Francis, first Italian
poet; Francis, holy mystic;
Francis, scorning riches; Francis,
builder for a faith in ruins;
Francis preaching to the birds
and Francis arbitrating with
a wolf and Francis thanking his
poor donkey which then wept before

his deathbed. Francis, why have you
now come to me on Hampton Beach
in February? Here, I stop
my thoughts to look at you. The sea
is turning green and clouds begin
to go to blue. A storm, expected
for tomorrow early, now
is readying the atmosphere
with signs I have no trouble reading.
But this sign of you is something
of another nature, Francis.

~Son Rivers 2008

3/21/08 changes 'car' to 'thoughts' in S3-L4

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