Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Unbelievable 01:04 - dreaming myself

Given that knowledge is binary, it’s easy enough to grasp that life is an illusion, a dream. After all, I dream at night all the time. Dreams I know aren’t real, but seem that way when in them. Therefore through some facility of logic, it’s easy to grasp that life may not be exactly real as well.

There’s a further step that can be taken here. Given that life is a dream, it may follow that since I am awake, and not asleep, I can change that dream. Make the dream as I see fit.

That’s revolutionary enough. But there’s one more step that needs to be taken. And this is the one that makes all the difference. Without this stride, the first and second steps are mere thoughts, wonderful imaginings.

I, myself, am a dream. Everything I believe myself to be is just a story. It’s an image I created over time, one impossible to be. My ego fights that losing battle every day, defending my image of myself on every front, graspng at some form to fill its endless vacuum.

Real freedom is not believing in that image. Or believing what that image says. The truth is I am just a dream, with much, if not most, of it a story not even of my making. But underneath that dream is consciousness with all the power of the universe. Feel it. More than revolutionary, it’s transformative. Transcendent.

Not believing myself: that is where the work, the awareness, the attention, the awaking, the prayer, the way, the mindfulness begins. Now. Always now.

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