Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Unbelievable 01:03 - coincidence and intent

Today I went to a small park on the Merrimack, as I often do, and sipped my coffee while sitting in the late morning sun. I waited there for eagles to arrive, as they almost always do this time of year. Do I call them to appear? Or is their appearance just coincidence? After all, they nest just across the river. Jung speaks of synchronicity and archetypes. Gurdjieff speaks of the Ray of Creation. The Kabbalah speaks of four worlds. Ours is that of Assiyah, action. The one above us is Yetzirah, formation. Magick calls this the astral plane, where dreams, communications, and visions begin to divine, before coming into form in our world of doing. Shakespeare said “there are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy.” Despite science, maybe because of science, not much is really known. I’m unlearning these days, and discovering that secret. Intent. Today I closed my eyes, thinking nothing, dwelling in consciousness, seeing light and color and forms arising. When I opened them, two eagles were flying low against the pine trees on the opposite shore, their heads and tail feathers flashing white against the dark green shadows.


Stuart said...

Hi Greg

Thanks for these words. I'm experimenting with the impact of synchronicity myself at the moment. It is always stunning. I really like this latest sequence of posts that you are writing, and also liked the Son River sequence. Thanks. I haven't posted for some months on my own blog - reading your words most days is inspiring me to start writing again.

All the best


Greg said...

Hi Stuart; good to hear from you. It took me a little while to realize coincidence is some (all?) times not coincidental at all. Though I need to look at Jung on this subject a little more in depth. Looking forward to reading you again. Best, Greg