Thursday, February 14, 2008

Unbelievable 01:12 - The Meaning of Life is Here
Introduction: A Revelation According to Nigel Tufnel

The Meaning of Life

Over the next two or three weeks, or maybe even more, I will be presenting my blogging treatise on the Meaning of Life. That is, the meaning of human life. That is, my story of it, from my point of view. Based on my readings of Ruiz, Tolle, Gurdjieff, Needleman, Bourgeault, Krishnamurti, Chopra, Wilber, Russell, Smoley, Nasr, and a host of others.

Because I am who I am and possess the kind of skills I have acquired in this dreaming, those planning kind of scheduling sort of forecasting abilities, it's in a basic outline form. Also because, at this point in my evolution, I require something like that, something that will oppose the spotty one I've been carrying around with me, that one being half materialistic and half spiritual and completely chaotic.

It's in eleven points, because as any good fan of Spinal Tap knows, eleven is one better (or in Nigel's lexicon, louder) than ten. And in fact, I do believe the eleventh point is an absolutely critical one, so crucial that I'll offer up a sneak preview, because that is what my culture does to grab any potential viewer's (in this case, reader's) attention.

The eleventh point is the caveat to all that comes before it, and therefore all that follows this introduction, the fact that at any moment, if one is not observant, vigilant, truthful, loving, and as reflective as one can be, then one may very well revert back to old ways, false beliefs, unsatisfied wanting, continuous suffering, and ultimately, contribute to our extinction as a species.

Despite my playfulness at times (for after all, creation is fun) that's how serious this all is.


Messenger19 said...

Check out the book YOU WERE BORN FOR A REASON, The Real Purpose of Life, by Takamori

Greg said...

Hi Frank; Marketing a book blog by blog leads me to believe it might be worth a look-see. Thanks.