Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Unbelievable 01:11 - Consciousnessalism
My New Meta-Paradigm: macro and micro cosmic

On a macro level of things, I'm just beginning to understand the essential difference between materialism and spiritualism. It's pretty simple really, and reading Russell's 'From Science to God' has finally helped it sink in.

For a materialist, and most of what we think of contemporary western thought falls into this category, the world is matter. And only matter ultimately matters. (Hence the egoic way of identification.) When consciousness is considered, the ultimate question revolves around how it developed from such matter.

For a spiritualist (a consciousnessalist?), and most of sacred wisdom falls into this category, the world is spirit, consciousness. That's ultimate. The new paradigm and the old wisdom considers that matter evolved from spirit in order for spirit to become conscious of itself.

That is where the micro comes in.

I was raised a materialist. And although I feel I'm a spiritualist at heart, I needed a materialist argument to quiet the mind. Russell supplies a good one. Combined with my reading of Ruiz to Tolle to Needleman to Gurdjieff and beyond, I see the world in a new light.

But although my faith in the nature of the universe has changed, there's still this old way of seeing things that continues on, just because that's always been the way of seeing things. It's like wearing gray-tinted glasses. I know the world is full of colors, but still I'm seeing it in black and white. Fear and loathing. Feeling gray.

Not today! The glasses are off.


Anonymous said...

Hi, Im from Melbourne.

Please check out this very colourful site on Consciousness---micro & macro.


Peter Russell used to endorse the above Artist. And has obviously got at least some of his ideas from him too.

Greg said...

Thanks; I'll check this one out. Interesting marketing chain we have going on here.