Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Unbelievable 01:10 - Now and Then
prose poem on the light of consciousness

that dysfunction comes when we allow the light of consciousness to dim and shadows gather like so many thoughts insisting on their primacy. But take one moment to allow the light and light will flood the once-deluded mind with all the vast expanses of its sea, while knowing this: although I sometimes think I walk within the world that wears my soul with all its constant friction like a sanding belt that rubs a two by four into a toothpick, know the world is walking in my consciousness instead.

Today I had some trouble as I often do upon the closing of the weekend. It’s as if I need to make adjustments to my tolerance of outside forces and that world I need to live in so to make a living. But then sitting here while reading Peter Russell’s book concerning Mystery of Consciousness I felt a shift within my own. Before that transformation I was feeling all the world was something other and external causing my reactions to its every action. But I see now

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