Monday, March 10, 2008

U02-10 Meaning of Life Appendix 3
Attention Wars 3 - Return of the Jedi

Disposition, Reality, Attention, and Spiritual Work. Part Three

Staying Awake
So it's really not a matter of thinking good thoughts rather than bad thoughts. Again, it's a matter of attention. It is always the conscious retaking of attention from your ego. It is consciousness attending truth and true reality, consciously staying awake.

Staying Aware
It is being swiftly aware when the ego takes attention, as it will almost always do (less and less as you become more and more awake), and in so doing , becoming conscious of such bad thoughts as really being false thoughts, and therefore not true reality. And placing that attention back on the truth of being. Or voluntarily placing that attention on the play of love and creativity within the human world (the Toltec's second dream). All these are the real good thoughts.

Reality Is
And so, disposition, our reality, is directly equivalent to attention. Not good or bad thoughts, but consciousness or ego, directing attention.

The Work of Spirituality
And that is the work of spirituality in a nutshell: consciousness taking back attention from the ego.

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