Saturday, March 08, 2008

U2-09: Meaning of Life Appendix 2
Attention Wars 2 - Attack of the Clones

Disposition, Reality, Attention, and Spiritual Work. Part Two

Conscious waking begins with attention. It is consciousness taking back attention from the ego. (By some form of grace and sacred wisdom.) It is the conscious focusing of attention.

Intervals of Sleep
At first in this process, there will be a shifting of attention from consciousness to the ego. There will be many instances when your ego takes over your attention again, and you find your consciousness once again sleeping. Again the bad thoughts. The ego is dysfunctional and will always return to such thoughts. It is inevitable.

False Good Thoughts
Good thoughts of the ego? The ego wants pleasurable thoughts and events. But these are its fictions and therefore fleeting. There is always that yin and yang in the ego. It is always such a duality. Pleasure will always be followed by pain. These are not the good thoughts I speak of.

Real Good Thoughts
Good thoughts are the joy of being, the essence of our consciousness, the heart of love, our connection with the godhead, universe, God. Good thoughts is our bad way of referring to all that.

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