Monday, April 14, 2008

Cathedral of the Pines Peace Awakening Poem

Early Spring at Cathedral of the Pines

Tall pines are sleeping still despite
the April sun, and dream.
The Hurricane of ’38
uprooted trees, exposing
western hillside views to awesome
Grand Monadnock’s granite
peak and long descending shoulders.
World War II would close
the eyes forever of the son
to settle on that hillside.
Thus his parents built this shrine,
Cathedral of the Pines,
and dedicated it to peace.
Now only seventy
uninterrupted war-torn years
have passed as we assemble
here beneath these trees, and looking past
the great stone altar watch
Iraq, O Babylon!, dissolve
like heavy mist, revealing
bright blue diamond love and green
eternal truth. The One
is waiting our awakening.

~Son Rivers 2008


Anonymous said...

MOST EXCELLENT. I have read many a poem on the Cathedral of the Pines over the years, and this one is truly original and MOVING. I would love to have permission to include it in the Cathedral's giftshop "Poems & Prayers" compilation.

Greg said...

Hi LaDonna
Thank you. And I'd be most honored and humbled to be included in such a compilation.