Thursday, April 17, 2008

A Spiritual Poem About the Material World
~Sermons from the Ministry of Son Rivers

The Sermon on the Solid Ground

Everything from Zen to Quantum
Physics tells us that our normal
world is everything but that—
but we believe the earth is flat,

or something very much like that.
We’re stuck in some material
environment, although the latest
science says there’s no such thing.

A particle is only partly
like a particle, and only
when observed as such. In fact
it’s not at all a particle,

—but something more mysterious,
a wave of consciousness or maybe
something like some holy spirit,
energetic and magnetic,

way beyond the ordinary
way of looking at the world—
believe whatever you believe,
and that’s the world you shall receive.

~Son Rivers 2008

1 comment:

Nathan said...

:-) I was smiling while reading this. I love the way it reads like prose but somehow remains very much a poem at the same time