Saturday, June 07, 2008

Simple Commentaries on Neo-Sutra 1: Love, not luv
On the last line of the Second Stanza

And after awakening, then what? An idiot saint? A nihilist zombie? Or in the game and out of the game? In the world but not of the world. Like the language of computers, we may just be zeroes or ones in this dream. Perhaps we are some kind of organic computer. Some bacterial binary code. And each of us plays a simple bit. A One (a dualistic one, that is) or Zero. Maybe awakening just works with whatever we were to begin with. A Zero is a zombie and a one is simply wonderful. But in a non-dual world, where’s the place for that? In the end, one needs to choose. Or rather one is chosen. Love is the dream I know. Not that romantic love of movies and romances, but the love of universal attraction. Love is the merger of one and zero (or one and one, and zero and zero). Love is the union of molecular matter. Love is the absence of ego and fear. Love is consciousness conscious of itself. Love is the Real One. And so, the next dream, when the dreamer is aware that it’s dreaming. Or a simple salutation.
~Hridaya Nada 2008

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