Friday, June 06, 2008

Simple Commentaries on Neo-Sutra 1: One
On the First 5 lines of the Second Stanza

Open heart


The One,
The second stanza, although in couplets still, goes without punctuation for the first five lines. It, like the first word in the stanza, is open. As will be the heart. Not the physical heart, but that intuitive heart, the actual intelligence within. Opening that heart allows one to simply be. And from that state, one can recognize that which is before all thought and emotion, that in which all thought and emotion arise (including that thought once thought to be the who I was), that which I truly am, that spirit which is simply conscious and aware: being. Or God. And in so doing, or in so surrendering, one knows through the heart one’s connection with The One, that one is in truth The One.
~Hridaya Nada 2008

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