Thursday, June 05, 2008

Simple Commentaries on Neo-Sutra 1: Nothing
On the Third Couplet

Rest in your quiet center,
After surrender arrives the rest. Let go into your center. Let go into that intelligence of the universe. Let go into its quiet guidance. Your quiet center. As all the scientists in all the world have found nothing before the Big Bang, rest in that same nothing. That same quiet nothing where, as in the macrocosm, the microcosm mirrors. Your silence is that same silence. The scientists don’t say so, but all the mystics do. You won’t be fooled by that master thought called ego. You’ve surrendered that belief. And with it, its fiction of the will. Just think of your body’s innate intelligence, and all those functions that operate without any conscious doing on your behalf. And imagine the breadth of the universe and what intelligence rests there in its astounding silence. And rest there in that silence. In your silence. Let that silence take you.
~Hridaya Nada 2008

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