Tuesday, February 07, 2006

The Daily Poetry Show: My Two Cents

Advanced Winter by Cynthia Arrieu-King
My problem is that I don’t appreciate this kind of poem. I admit it. But than again, maybe it is ‘poo-poo’. Much of it seems uninteresting at best and irritating at worst. She should have stopped while she was ahead, with that perfect last line of the first stanza.

Two Poems by David Wagoner
Wagoner is a master at what he does. His speech is unadorned and invigorating to read. But often his mechanics look unnatural. When they do work, like most of the second poem, and especially in that first stanza, they act like branches on a tree. There was no other way for them to be of course. But when they don’t, like much of the first poem, they feel like cut wood. But the biggest problem for me are the finales, for that’s what they are, his show. Here sentiment intrudes upon a wonderfully austere landscape with a human hand, intent on making something from a thing already made. But three and a half snaps. Because what is good in these poems is an example of one of the best.

Five Cents by Noel Conneely
I read this several times. I really wanted to like it. The conceit is very cool but also moving. But every time it loses me at the sixth line with a poor choice of everything. And it never comes back as strong. Not bad though. Just disappointing.

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