Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Sermon from the Cafe Homemade Pies

For white people there are only two types of Indians. Drunken bums and noble Indians. In the old days, we used to be savages, but that’s gone. Now it’s drunks and noble Indians. I like the white men better who think we are all drunks. At least they’re looking at us like people. They’re saying what they see. Then when they meet one of us who’s not a drunk, they have to deal with us.

The ones who see us all as wise men don’t care about Indians. They just care about the idea of Indians. It’s just another way of stealing our humanity and making us into a fantasy that fits the need of white people.

You want to know how to be like Indians? Live close to the earth. Get rid of some of your things. Help each other. Talk to the Creator. Be quiet more. Listen to the earth instead of building things on it all the time.

Don’t blame other people for your troubles and don’t try to make people into something they’re not.

~as told to Kent Nerburn in Neither Wolf Nor Dog


Harry said...

For someone who's trying to fight the stereotype of Indians as noble wise men, his list of ways to 'be like Indians' reads an awful lot like an attempt to come across as a noble wise man.

Anonymous said...

Indian or not - we should all be striving to live like that.