Sunday, March 05, 2006

Google (blog-search) Sonnet 6: Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon Charms Picky Kids

Perhaps no landscape on earth is as startling
     as the vast intricate face of the Grand Canyon.
The Grand Canyon was certainly going to be full of water.
J'imagine que le Grand Canyon,
my brother climbing some tree at the Grand Canyon.
When I went to Mexico a few years ago, we stopped
     at the Grand Canyon and there was quite a bit of snow there.
Meanwhile, some people believe that the Grand Canyon
     was formed by the great flood from Genesis.
Long ago, on the enormous far rim of the Grand Canyon
     in Arizona, lived the ancestors of the Snake Clan,
     who belonged to the Hopi Indian tribe.
Imagine walking on glass over the edge of the Grand Canyon.

For one thing...we had a near death experience
     on the Grand Canyon,
well, while in the Grand Canyon doing some fish work
     last couple of weeks I found this perty little
     rattler in our camp kitchen one morning.
Could the Grand Canyon ever actually be in danger?
Rising from her seat on the couch, Brenda walked across
     the Grand Canyon and knelt down in front of the man
     who held her heart in his hands.
I've never been to the Grand Canyon, and she's paying
     for everything.
If I was the Grand Canyon I'd echo everything you say.

~Dig Chase 2006

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